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Michelle's Luxury Hair and Skin Care Hair Salon in Grapevine TX appreciates all our loyal customers in our hair salon, you are not just a client in the chair--you are part of Michelle's huge family!   We are honored to share the reviews below from some of our very satisfied clients: Michelle Has been doing hair in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex for 23 years. Reviews are all over the internet and unfortanetly scattered. Check out more reviews by googling MICHELLE EVERROAD





I am lucky to have found Michelle Everroad as a stylist. I recently moved back to the Metroplex and was in need of a GOOD stylist whose expertise is Hot Heads hair extensions and Schwarzkopf hair color. Well, Michelle is an expert at both. The wonderful quality about Michelle is that she totally gets and understands my hair. That is unique in a stylist. I have had Hot Heads hair extensions for over three years and would not trust my hair or hair extensions to just anyone. That is why it has been such a lifesaver to have found Michelle. I would recommend Michelle to anyone who wants an expert at hair cutting, hair coloring and hair extensions in the Grapevine TX area. An additional bonus, Michelle is very reasonably priced considering her skill level!

--Donna S.


I moved to the Dallas area a year ago and was desperate to find a professional and knowledgable hairstylist. Michelle is just awesome! She really knows hair and has lots of ideas and recommendations for styles. Her cuts and highlights are great. Lately, I have been going in for her Keratin treatments as well. These keratin treatments make my hair more manageable and easy to style. The most important thing that I can say about Michelle is that I completely trust her. She is a very bright and sophisticated business woman and artist. I highly recommend her!

--D. Robinson


Michelle's hair salon products are incredible!   Never have I found hair products that work so well on hair extensions and healing my damaged hair at the same time.  My skin has never looked better either,  thanks to her "Michelle's Skin Care" line of cleansers, toners and moisturizers.   These products are a MUST!!!!

--Shauna W.


What a great hair salon this is! I was so impressed with the professional and friendly staff when I had to go get a haircut on the run. I was out of time and could not get into my normal hairdresser but the people at this salon were great and got me in when I need a haircut most. The prices are good and the store was clean. They were very nice and did a professional job at cutting hair. The parking is great due to a large parking lot and the hours are good.

--Angela P.


Absolutely wonderful! Michelle Everroad is an excellent hair stylist for men and women. Michelle has cut my hair several times and does a wonderful job. And now that she's got a new hair salon right here in Dallas, she's even closer. I highly recommend Michelle as your next hair stylist. You'll be happy with the results.

--Brian M.


Michelle is a true professional. She has transformed my difficult hair. I trust absolutely no one else with my hair. She always listens to my needs. She always has the newest products available. She has tailored my hair care products to meet all my hair's needs. She goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable. And I never feel rushed through.

--Jane S.


Michelle is awesome! She just cut my hair and I love my haircut. She made me feel at home and her hair salon is clean and comfortable. I will definitely be getting more haircuts with Michelle Everroad and I highly recommend her to anyone.

--Brian M.


If you are looking for a good place to get a hair cut that isn't real expensive but is a nice hair salon.. stop by here. They really are a nice hair salon even though it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the other hair salons in the area. The hair dressers really care and take good care of their customers. I have never walked out of there disappointed. This is a good hair salon!



I'm out in the field all day and was in need of a hair cut- fast!. I was lucky enough to find Michelle and her hair salon right off the road. I popped in to see if she could see me ( when I saw the hair salon I was amazed to say the least) I felt like I was being kind of short because I was pressed for time, but Michelle knew where I was coming from and handled me and my needs like a champ !!! Thank you Michelle.

--Mike D.


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